The phasing out of DDT initiated the decline of wild polio.

Defining Polio

Poliomyelitis is an inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord that causesparalysis and can also occur in the brainstem (bulbar polio). Provocation polio refersto polio caused by a polio injection and wild polio refers to polio caused by thenatural polio virus. Between 1912 and 1970 incidence of polio was very low compared to other diseases.The wild polio virus was never the big killer or paralyzer the public was led to believe.

The Polio Virus has Existed for Millennia

The polio virus existed naturally in human bowels for millennia. In a paper published in 1964 by J.V. Neel, PhD, outlining his studies of a remote Xavante Indian tribe in Brazil, members of that population, untouched by civilization, not only had the antibodies of the polio virus but had immunity and no paralysis.

Toxic Chemicals and Polio Symptoms

For many decades, DDT poisoning caused paralysis and was labeled polio. DDT enhances the release of intracellular multiplication of the poliovirus, turning a benign gut virus into something harmful. Food, water, soil and clothes were inundated with DDT for decades.


The phasing out of DDT initiated the decline of wild polio.

The phasing out DDT initiated the decline of wild polio and between 1940-1970, polio peaked and declined according to pesticide production. Before the introduction of the polio vaccine, incidences of polio were already in a steady, steep decline. Noteably, wild polio disappeared in countries where the vaccine was never introduced.


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