Sociolution for Large Organisations

Consolidating the Vision


Sociolution aims to sharpen individual abilities to draw coherent and informed conclusions, but just as importantly, it is a set of tools for allowing individuals to share each other’s thought processes in a way that can rapidly lead to a form of consensus in just a tiny fraction of the time it would take using traditional collaboration tools.

The vision of one department can be easily shared with other departments. Ultimately, the thought graphs of individual departments can be linked together to form a complete picture for the entire organisation. 

New team members can get quickly up to speed with how the organisation thinks - and why.

Policies Built on a Rock Solid Foundation


Policy frameworks built using Sociolution are tied together and represented in such a way that individual policies can be easily processed, collectively scrutinised, rated and used to drive transparent, well documentable consensus, accessible to everyone in the organisation.

Sociolution can easily document the collective rationale behind any given decision, verdict or policy and also demonstrate, in highly visual terms, why it makes sense.