Establish common ground in the climate change debate.

Regardless of which side of the climate change debate you may be on, or what your views may be, there is one thing we need to agree on: It is not a healthy state of affairs. Vast resources - financial as well as energy - are being poured into it, and it is the source of global friction and dissent. Herd mentality is rampant. All of our energy goes into fighting the other side of this complex, politicised and polarised debate instead of looking at the issues at hand with unencumbered minds, free of personal and political agendas, united around the goal of solving the problems at hand.

Sociolution's starting point is that each side brings something valuable to the table, and if we - each and every one of us -  can manage to detach ourselves from our herd while keeping our cognitive biases in check and being brutally honest with each other, then we will stand a chance at establishing common ground and solving real world problems, climate change included.

We need to change the collective mindset, encourage independent thinking and curb our tendency towards herd mentality to such an extent that we will be able to freely question everything that either side of the debate currently holds to be true.

And finally, we must be able to be in disagreement while respecting each other's views, willing to listen to what the other side has to say with an open mind, with curiousity rather than judgement. And, as a society, we need to arrive at a place in which we can all seek value in opinions that are in opposition to our own, present world view.

We believe the following are issues that are of undisputably critical importance:

  • The preservation of the world's oceans, rainforests and natural habitats
  • Better pollution management strategies
  • Better waste management strategies
  • Thinking and collaborating across national borders
  • Solving the energy crisis

Let's make this our starting point, and let's harness the vast potential our individual minds will have if we come together and start thinking truly as a collective unit.