Establish a constructive dialog in the vaccination debate, based on a joint effort to study the vast quantities of facts, information and statistics that are available.

Arguably, the vaccination debate is among the most controversial and polarised topics of our society. Under the current circumstances, there simply cannot be a debate, because the arguments from both sides are written in stone.

We need to establish a constructive dialog in this debate, preceded by a collaborative effort to study the facts, information and statistics that are available need to be studied from an unbiased perspective.

A few relevant points which will hopefully make this purpose of this Objective clearer:

1. Whether or not vaccines actually work is a different topic from whether or not vaccines are harmful.

2. Each vaccine, in fact each version of every vaccine, should be dealt with - and discussed - separately. The fact/allegation that measles was eradicated does not mean that all other vaccines are 1) effective, and/or 2) entirely safe.

3. The pharmaceutical industry exists for the principal purpose of generating profits. Global health is, at best, a secondary concern.

4. Health organisations and health policy makers are prone to the same level of corruption as other organisations, and corruption has saturated all levels of our society.

It is our hope that the use of the Sociolution platform can eliminate some of the polarisation and bias that exists around this topic.

The first step will involve a comprehensive, joint effort to study the facts, information and statistics that are available.